Build an online community for…



Join this free video mini course where you will receive 5 interactive videos to help you discover how you, as a rural entrepreneur, can build an online community. You will receive lifetime access to the course material as well as a membership where you will be able to network with like-minded people. You will also receive access to a network of advisers and support from subject matter experts that will help you improve your visibility, impact, and profitability. 


After watching the 5 day mini course you will be able to get clarity on why you want to build a community and how you want to add value to the people in your community that you care about. This course will help you carry on your mission for future generations, and evolve your business into long term success.

You see other leaders impacting communities through their life’s work and think –

 “I want to do that.”

Let’s make your voice heard… despite your geography.

We’ll teach you how to build an online community so you can leverage your wisdom, skills, and knowledge to…

Does this sound like you?

– You feel isolated, due to location or circumstance, and are craving deeper connections and fruitful conversations with others in your field.


– You’ve experienced the value of community yourself and want to cultivate a space where you can generously give back. 


– You’ve thought about (or tried) creating a virtual group to grow your network, but are overwhelmed with the time it takes. 


– You want to grow collectively with people who value reciprocity – exchanging ideas, solutions, and perspectives. 

– You have a successful offline business and want to transfer your treasured mastery online.

If where you live restricts the impact you want to make…

Community Creators 101 will help you cultivate an engaged online network so you can thrive right where you are

Get clarity on:

– Why you want to build a community

– What you want to achieve in that process

– Who you most want to engage with

– How you’re going to build it

“By working with Bowabirds we now have articulated three main business entry points and have a practical project underway to connect with more people. The Bowabirds team is great to work with and has a vast array of skills needed to make progress. Project Lead, Rebel, has a fantastic way to create cohesion which mixes syntropic thinking into all things, which is attractive to us. The team feels they understand rurality which is vital and also have connections beyond the bush.

Rebel and the Bowabirds team combine the synergy, passion, visionary abilities with practical skills to create wise action. We recommend them highly.”
Nikki and Peter Thompson
“When I commenced working with Bowabirds, the main challenge my business faced was sustainability, governance and setting up systems. I was provided with the skills to tackle these challenges and mentoring and support for how to effectively manage the process.

Working with professionals who have industry experience, is accessible and portable were the best things about my experience working with Bowabirds.”
Jill Watkins

Creating an online community is one of the most profitable actions you can take in your business.


You’re not just here to add another dollar to your pocket.

You’re here because you know that community sharing is what will propel you and your industry forward.

Community-minded CEOs like you can make an impact AND generate additional revenue in a way that feels good.

→ Build trust among your clients through transparent and open communication, making them life-long advocates for your product or service

→ Improve your brand’s reputation and increase your sales with community-building events and knowledge sharing 

→ Gain instant user feedback that enables improvements and sparks new product ideas, allowing you to cut back on research investment

Meet Rebel Black

Course Facilitator

Rebel has been involved in online community development for over 20 years, bringing together people from all over the world to achieve a common purpose. 

As the founder of Bowabirds, she witnessed firsthand how collective success soars when cooperation is amplified through online communities. 

While successfully running her innovative business from a town of only 2,000 or so people, Rebel has never let distance or the population of her immediate area limit her business growth. Before it was common to meet via Zoom, she was already creating connected collaborations with skilled people online. 

Through her work, Rebel supports CEOs to enact their legacy and embrace innovation in their succession.

“From working with Rebel I was able to create ongoing revenue and a six-figure revenue business in 12 months. I was able to create a community of clients, some of whom I still work with now. She is a visionary and creative, a true compliment to my strategic style.”
Shayne Miller
Strategise Now
“During the almost two decades in which I have worked with Rebel, she has remained ahead of the curve in terms of her coaching and facilitation expertise, a testament to her commitment to her own personal and professional development and her remarkable intellect and thirst for knowledge. Rebel has an uncanny ability to quickly assess a situation and peel back the mindset and energy that sits behind the scenes and to bring things to the surface in a safe, yet challenging way.

My life is remarkably richer for having worked with Rebel over the years and I hope that you may also get to experience some of her magic.”
Phoebe Maroulis
“I am totally where I am today in my little Healing business side-hustle due to the help and support I received from you and the team.”
Jenny Blake

So, what’s inside?

Community Creators 101 Course

Ideal Community Member Template

There’s a natural unfolding of collaboration at the intersection of who you can successfully serve and those wishing to be an integral part of something bigger. We’ll help you uncover who your ideal community members are, laying the foundation for an engaged network!

Offer Matrix Template

You have so much valuable experience and expertise – now it’s time to leverage it so that others in your field can benefit alongside you. In this template, you’ll cultivate offers that help your community thrive.

Simple Community Communication Strategy Template

Reaching the (right) people can be a daunting task, but after developing your marketing messages and communication channels, you’ll attract an engaged audience much faster.

Implementation Strategy Template

Now that you have clarity on your new community, the only thing left to do is to go out there and start building it. But we won’t leave you to figure this out on your own. We’ll help you determine the best way to build a community that’s aligned with your goals, measure success, and more.

Membership to Bowabirds Community

There are others who share your lifelong yearning for connection and cultivation of community. Here, we come together to share, learn, and support each other. 

Get all of this for FREE!

Empower, educate & enrich the lives of others in your field

Imagine being able to share your knowledge and fulfill your desire to contribute meaningfully to the world without being limited to your geographical area. 

That’s the power of having an online community – where advancements are made, authentic connections are formed, and your legacy lives on.

When you unite toward a common purpose, you can draw from the collective strength and intelligence to birth new ideas…

 And prosper forward together.