Community Creators

Community Creators – 12 Month Catalyse

You are sitting on a regenerative gold mine of opportunity; a veritable bower full of treasure and joy and collective wisdom, cashflow and shifts in the way you work in the world…

If you are ready to expand your impact, generate opportunities to leverage your considerable intellectual property (wisdom), build a community that matters and that creates a hungry stream of new and life long customers and, most importantly, if you are serious about implementing regenerative growth and scale through online platforms…AND you are genuinely care about LEGACY… then welcome to Community Creators!!

This is the nest we’ve been building for a while and are excited to support others to do the same!

In other words – It’s a sweet spot we are great at delivering upon.

The Online
Community Opportunity

There is unlimited potential sitting in the existing connections and community that you have already cultivated that will provide strategic opportunities for your business and leadership in the agricultural industry and with humanity, nurturing a vibrant future including:

  • a move towards a focused conversation and educational connection off social media to a distinct and customised audience of aligned people, taking action to grow food and nourish people
  • engagement with your buyers/clients/prospective community members + developing and leveraging a community of practice in the areas you most want to focus on
  • more easily/quickly (less distractedly) engage with your customers/community and generate new community members and clients in a saleable way (your school, workshops + ensuing consultancy etc)
  • incorporate paid support within the community eg group coaching, mentoring or membership models and developing and delivering short courses
  • Easily empower new team members to support engagement/sales etc
  • Leverage your IP/Knowledge, tools and resources for activating change, leading new conversations and generating revenue for reinvestment in the work
  • Creating your legacy and a scalable (and saleable) asset base that lives and expands beyond you as Founder
  • generate new revenue streams including monthly recurring revenue, that will support your transition to the next stages of your business (and will evolve with you!)

Strategy & Vision


Clarity on WHO you want to connect to and create community with
Confidence in WHAT it is you will bring to the world
A deep understanding of WHY you are doing this
Connection to the how and to a great team who will ACTION it for and with you
Enthusiasm for WHERE this community will be

This phase includes:

  • A full immersion in your genius and IP and knowledge bank, bringing it into clarity and to be seen so that we can map it and hone in on the possibilities and reverse engineer a plan from where you ultimately see Syntropic Solutions being beyond you as founder
  • Mapping your Ideal Client & Community personality AND Outcomes: learn what your community will come to you for, and how to best serve them.
  • Designing a framework for HOW you will serve, drawing on how you want to work, share knowledge etc, what time you want to commit to, the revenue you’d like to generate
  • Marketing & Communications: understanding how to leverage the power of an online community to deliver aligned marketing efforts that generate results.
  • The ultimate platform: we have done all the research and can help you connect to the best platform/technology for your right purpose.
  • 2 x 90 min strategy sessions to dive into all of the aspects above creating the framework/maps/bank that underpins the strategy and the community creation
  • Delivery of a 2 page strategic plan
  • Delivery of a specific Community Building Strategy (including monetisation and/or succession) for implementation over 12 months
  • 3 x 40min sessions to commence implementation of the CBS
  • Including recommendations for your idea platform and technology

Community Launch

Now we want to get your community and offer launched, with a 12 month engagement plan and generating revenue from day 1!

At the end of this phase you will have

Clarity on WHO you want to connect to and create community
A launched community, members you are working with and increasing confidence in your model, delivery and results
Powerful alignment through others to your WHY
Support for aligned Action taking
Full hearts, activated online space, focus and purpose

  • Course/Program Framework & Content – we will provide you with some questionnaires to complete which will help us ascertain the best framework and delivery structure for your course/program content. We can get you started with your first content being uploaded etc so it’s ready for your Members.
  • Set up – our team will get everything set up for you on the community platform/tech we’ve selected together. We’ll get the graphics/content/user experience/onboarding/emails etc created for you, read for your…
  • Walk through – once we’ve got everything set up for you, we’ll do a walk through with you to familiarize you and make sure you’re comfortable with the platform and can provide an FAQ sheet for you – and for your members!
  • Templates – we have many templates and resources we will provide you when/as required (this may not be needed in the first phase, but is available!)
  • Monetisation – we will support you to develop a monetisation strategy to ensure your platform pays for itself + generates ongoing recurring revenue (if you desire this)
  • Sharing & Getting Members Joining – we will work with you to support your first community members joining the platform/tech and ensure it’s an incredible experience.
  • Welcome event – we recommend hosting a LIVE Welcome event, recorded of course, that also talks your Members through the platform and where they find stuff and make a big fanfare out of the new platform and gets them using the platform in a fun way! We will facilitate this with our team who are great at activating asynchronous learning and engagement!! We will work with you to find a date/time that suits and set it up ready for sharing!
  • Marketing Plan – we will develop a simple to use and easy to implement marketing plan to ensure you are maximising growth and opportunities for your community – and the realisation of your vision. We will get you started with your first campaign, welcome first people, test and measure (what works, what didn’t etc) – and we will provide you a template you can use for future campaigns.
    • Delivery of a Simple Marketing Strategy (including monetisation and/or succession) for implementation over 12 months
    • 3 x 40min sessions to commence implementation of the Marketing Strategy and campaigns
    • 1st Marketing Campaign to market and your community LAUNCHED!
    • Welcoming Members in welcome event and supporting you to ensure their user experience is incredible

Maintenance & Growth / Stewardship

Maintenance & Growth

At the end of this phase you will have

Clarity on WHO you are
Confidence in WHAT your legacy is and how it’s being fulfilled and what your steps are
Pure connection to your WHY
A passion and commitment to WHERE your community shows up

During your Group Coaching Sessions you will:

  • FREE access to the MASTERMIND: Community Minded CEO which includes fortnightly mastermind LIVE sessions + connection to other likeminded CEO’s
  • Monthly Check-Ins to make sure you’re on the right track and provide resources or support to help with growth/engagement goals
  • Support to keep your pulse on the community and be adaptive and ahead of the game for their wants/needs
  • Engagement strategies to keep your community growing and hungry for more
  • Unlimited Email Support from the Bowabirds team.
  • Our team’s support in making tweaks in the community for you


We need to continue to work developing your steward leadership, so your legacy is realised and that you aren’t just building a community for community’s sake!

  • Access to relevant content and resources to support your leadership development
  • Monthly group check ins (for all community leaders we work with)
  • Email support for your team

Leveraging Community – generating Revenue (simplified modelling)

Some basic numbers for a very simple ‘monetisation’ opportunity

customers pay to be part of your Community OR a special ‘Course’ within it (with a funky name!)
– $100/month (CHEAP!) – $1200/year x 40 (SMALL NUMBER)
= $48,000
+ additional clients implementing systems (5 x $10,000 clients)
= $50,000

+ new investors $?

= $98,000/year 1



We are a multidisciplinary team focused on the catalyzation and creation of TRUE communities – where there is a reciprocity in exchange and a syntroipc synthesis between the Founders, Team & Community members that means the whole is greater than the sum of the parts!

We deliver excellence to clients, with a focus on building long term relationships that mean we work with people over years and decades (not weeks) delivering a high quality service and continuing to meet them at the leading edge of what is next to deliver that too.

We are visionaries and future seers as well as analytical, data driven and community focused clinicians – all seeking to work together within our unique ‘zones of genius’ so everyone gets the best experience and outcomes!

Led by Founder, Rebel Black, between us we have a century of experience in community development, sales and marketing, business and product development and delivery, online and applied technology.

Pricing for the 12 month action, support and outcomes described above

We are opening the doors to BETA Community Creators, so we are offering this at below cost of delivery, in integrity with the understanding that future clients will pay the price crossed out below. We only have 5 places in this BETA Group remaining – before we bring this as a product to market late 2022.

All inclusive – $98,000+gst (12 months)

You will pay

In full
$45,000 + gst (save $8,000)


Payment plan
$25,000 + gst deposit + 4 monthly payments
$7000+ gst/month

NOTE pricing- does not include

  • costs of platform/community hosting or other technology (allow up to $2,500/year)
  • Additional copy writing, graphic or content design, we provide templates and/or some basic graphics and content beyond launch phase
  • Ongoing management of the platform
  • Additional products/services to market

we are able to provide quotes to develop others as required, including additional marketing/launch campaigns products/services and ongoing community management including support across platforms etc

Next Steps

To secure your place in our BETA Group and get started

And we will set up a call to assess the alignment between your organisation and our capacity to deliver!

If we are aligned, we will:

  • send an Agreement for you to review, contribute to and sign
  • send the invoice for payment (full or payment plan to be advised)
  • set our first meeting date to map a plan with our team (reverse engineered from launch)

We look forward to working with you in 2022!

May you bower be blessed,