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Want an engaged community that will fuel your ongoing business growth?

Create your own Custom Community guided by Expert Community Creators.

Business Bower

The Business Bower Custom Community Builder helps you create the most aligned and relevant online community. One that supports your goals – without the overwhelm of starting from scratch.

When your clients are committed to your brand, they become your allies in sharing, promoting, and selling your services.

With the Business Bower program, you’ll have access to your ideal community members, anticipating their needs and delivering on them to turn them into your biggest fans and lifelong customers.

“Communities not only facilitate growth, but they can be the most valuable and honest source of feedback for businesses.”

~ Forbes

You make the rules!

Creating a customised online community around your brand means that you own the digital real estate that houses it. Your clients follow YOU, so no social media changes can affect your impact.

Creating A Powerful Community Is Ideal If:

You’re a community manager seeing the risks of social media and you want a stable community.

You’re an education and/or program leader struggling to engage your alumni in meaningful ways.

You lead a non-profit organisation and need a more engaged online community to leverage your offline activity.

You’re a business owner (of any size!) wanting to build a digital asset for sale or scale.

Facebook Group vs. Your Own Community

Facebook Group

  • Engagement data and survey data belong to Facebook.
  • Facebook branding takes over.
  • Facebook creates the rules.
  • With every new algorithm change, you risk losing value in the group.
  • Potential social media platform negativity.
  • Not valued nearly as much as a community created and wholly owned by your business.

Your Own Community

  • All the data in it belongs to you and is free for you to access and manage.
  • Your own branding across the board.
  • You create the rules.
  • No algorithm changes – only what you decide!
  • Members who are in the community with intention and positivity.
  • Your own community adds value to the equity in your business and can be a deciding factor when selling.

What you (and your followers) can do with an
Online Community:

  • Find a space to connect with each other.
  • Share information and resources easily.
  • Set up and manage online and offline events.
  • Provide customised support that will also help other community members in the future.
  • Create and host any online course or program.
  • Scale the delivery of your products or services.
  • Manage your succession from the day to day delivery.
  • Create a community of practice.
  • Build an environment that encourages engagement that you don’t have to personally manage.




Having a community allows for easier client reach and transparency, which helps build trust.

When your clients trust you, they trust that your product or service will meet the standards they require.


Community-building events and knowledge sharing will lead to brand loyalty and awareness.

These are two key aspects to increasing your sales, as they directly build up your brand’s reputation.


Knowing what your clients think is key to improving your current offer and identifying new product opportunities.

Having your own community saves you time and money by replacing research with direct feedback.


People are 84% more likely to trust a referral from someone they know, so building a community helps bridge the gap with new prospects by getting your clients to recommend a product they know and trust.


Having a large, strong, and committed community has been proven to dramatically increase the value of a business when selling.

Investors and future owners can see the potential behind a community that checks all the points above, because they know that no social media platform will ever give them the freedom and connection power that their own community does.

If you’re planning on selling your business, whether that is now or in a few years, building a community that you control around it will provide a competitive advantage, build equity in your business, and add to its selling price!

The bigger and more engaged the better, so why not start now?


The Business Bower is for you if you want to…

  • Create and sustain a passionate community that is crucial to your long term business’ success.
  • Fasttrack the process of developing and nurturing a community to achieve your community-reliant growth goals faster
  • Reduce the effort and energy necessary to create a plugged-in community that responds positively to your business goals.
  • Make the most out of your community once it has been built and generate the most impact.

Meet Rebel

Community building expert and thought leader for high-achieving entrepreneurs.

As the creator of Bowabirds, THE Rural Woman, The Hungry Spirit, and her own personal brand, Rebel Black has a proven track record of building successful communities delivering value to more than 1 million people each year.

Rebel is the mastermind behind Bowabirds, and has built the Community Creation Framework to help other business leaders access the array of benefits that a community provides.


What the Business Bower Custom Community includes:

  • Strategy & Vision: learn how your business will benefit from an online community and play that to your favour.
  • Ideal Client & Community Outcomes: learn what your community will come to you for, and how to best serve them.
  • Marketing & Communications: understand how to leverage the power of an online community to amp up your marketing efforts.
  • Best Platform: learn how to connect best and choose the right tech for the right purpose.
  • Weekly Masterclass & Action Session to keep you working towards your goals.
  • Weekly Group Check-Ins to make sure you’re on the right track.
  • Unlimited Email Support from the Bowabirds team.
  • A Step-by-Step Guide (with templates) on:
    • Finding the right platform for your specific goals.
    • Identifying the purpose of your community.
    • Designing your community to fit that purpose.
    • Launching your community successfully.
    • Keeping your community engaged with your content.
    • Providing your community with value that they will appreciate.
    • Communicating effectively with your community.
    • Educating the community on engaging with each other so you can step back.
  • Optional: Our team’s support in building the community for you.

Building a community can be very time- and resource-consuming.

Let us guide you and cut straight to what works!

The opportunities that have come out of the Bowabirds program as a result of looking at business and personal life have been insurmountable. The further I go along, the more encouraged I am to believe in myself again. How many things do you really want, that you’re not quite sure how to get? When you’ve got 3 coaches who are listening to you and you are listening to yourself, anything is possible. Invest the times, invest the money, and trust yourself…back yourself.


We have been thrilled with the resultant interaction and capability of Bowabirds, and with the simplicity and ease of use, by both the administrators and by the participants. A modest level of technical literacy is ample, and the functionality is perfect. The support offered is superb, and we are pleased to support a local provider…

We have expanded our initial course to (currently) 4 streams of learning, and the sequencing is working admirably.
Additionally, we are planning to launch another company and learning program in 2022, and will certainly be utilising Bowabirds again for this undertaking…

Dianna Jacobsen

Shine at Business

Communities have a powerful impact on your business, your customers and buyers (when it’s time to sell).

Get one working for you today!

If you’re ready to build your own community but aren’t ready to invest, check out our Community Creation 101: a short FREE intro course into the world of community-building.
Get clarity on:
  • Why you want to build a community.
  • What you want to achieve in that process.
  • Who you most want to engage with.
  • How you’re going to build it.
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