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Your Hosts: Rebel Black, Shayne Miller and Kelly Vanyai

What is THE BGBS?

THE Big Goal Breakthrough System Online Workshop was a 90 minute power session for people who wanted to break through their BS to achieve their big goals!

Our goal is that everyone who participates in the events feels energised, excited and motivated and has already taken INSPIRED action towards breaking through the barriers that have been holding you back and claim the goals and dreams that are truly yours!

This workshop is interactive and will be jam packed FULL of amazing strategies and tools you can use immediately to breakthrough and take action!

Hosted by three incredible Coaches
Rebel Black
Shayne Miller
Kelly Vanya

In this 90 min workshop you will learn the Top 7 Strategies successful people use every day to break through their perceived limits to achieve their big goals and dreams, whether that be in:

  • health
  • wealth
  • business
  • career
  • relationships
  • time for what matters
  • wisdom
  • passion
  • or purpose

The 7 strategies you will learn can be applied, and if implemented, will yield success for you!

Are you ready to take it up a level?
Join our Big Goal Breakthrough Mini School in November 2021.