bgbsmini 2021


If you could focus, for just one week, on setting yourself up for an amazing 2022 – one where you not just set goals, but achieve your dreams – would you commit?

If, in those seven days you could learn to implement a powerful Breakthrough System that you could use time and time again to claim alignment, achieve your goals and live your dreams every time, would that help?

If you could surround yourself with high achieving, positive, inspiring and motivated people do you think you’d have a better chance of bringing your dreams to life and MAYBE you’d just get a bit braver and a bit bolder to make it happen?

Are you ready to put on your Big Girl or
Big Guy pants and Brave Success?


If you are a high achieving, focused and ready to make things happen kind of person, then we’re looking forward to spending 7 Amazing days together that are going to set you up for an incredible 2021!

This is ONLY for ambitious, hungry people who have had a good year – despite the challenges of 2020 and are looking to make the next 12 months OFF THE CHARTS INCREDIBLE!!!

If you’ve dabbled a bit and had mild success but know you are made for more, but you sometimes struggle to ‘get out of your own way’ and you need to be stretched beyond your comfort zone – then the Big Goal Breakthrough Mini School is going to be an awesome place for you to start!

What will we work on together?

  • Day 1 – Your Vision
  • Day 2 – Beliefs, Behaviours & Breaking Through Barriers
  • Day 3 – Mapping & Planning Your Year
  • Day 4 – Mastering Your Self Talk
  • Day 5 – Managing Your Energy
  • Day 6 – Grounding Into Your Goals
  • Day 7 – Building Your Guiding Coalition

How will we deliver it?

Short Videos with worksheets/home play to action 

+ Daily 1hour group coaching sessions (the hour of power) with your COACHES

Calling high achieving, ambitious Men and Women … regardless of age, location, dream or vision, NOW is the TIME to reclaim your BIG GOALS and Breakthrough so you can BE Successful in the amazing ways you’ve been wishing for but haven’t quite yet claimed!!

In 7 short days we can help you map a plan, master your energy, ground into your vision, take action and start building your team!!

If you’ve danced around success and achieved some awesome stuff, but you’re feeling like there’s still way more for you to BE, DO, HAVE, GIVE, FEEL & LEARN – and you are looking for a SYSTEM that you can apply, practice and MASTER that will help you achieve ANY goal or dream you’ve had – regardless of how BIG it is – then JOIN TODAY!

We Can Help You

  • Hone your ability to face challenges, including the ones that have been holding you back, so that you don’t get swept away by your emotions
  • Learn how to regulate your energy at will
  • Cultivate the ability to bring yourself into the state you desire at anytime
  • Your mastery will manifest into physical, mental and spiritual well being, healthy relationships and the attainment of your goals so you can
  • Remove blocks and have total clarity about what action you are taking each day that is getting you towards your dreams
  • Increase your confidence in using the tools you develop to enable you to reach your dreams
  • Quit hunting for your goals and learn how to become magnetic and attract them to you in the perfect time and way
  • Hone and develop new skills
  • Overcome feelings of isolation and enable rich connections with like minded people across the world
  • Learn about the ability to receive and achieve flow states
  • Identify and appreciate the creative aspect of your being. 
  • Recognise and nurture the spiritual being in you.
  • Embrace a new group of friends/peers/mentors/community to connect to and ask for support and help in return
  • Have a sense of support and that you have all you need

Commences Monday 15th November 2021

7 days of intense focus, mapping a plan for your most ambitious and flow focused year EVER!

What will you learn?

During the course of the 7 days we will help you:

  • Clarify your big goal and the vision you have for your life
  • Build your action plan to create the most efficient path to success
  • Upgrade your skills to ensure you succeed
  • Optimise your environment & build your team
  • Master your inner world & energy


DAILY videos/worksheets and homeplay actions to take


LIVE Online Group Coaching Sessions to set you up for Breakthroughs & Success


Each day, for 7 days, we will release a new video + worksheet and ACTION to take that will help you FOCUS and get CLEAR on your Big Goals & BS to breakthrough! It will be up to you to watch these and complete each session in preparation for our LIVE sessions together!


Each day, for 7 days, you will be guided by one, or all of your COACHES who will conduct a group coaching session to help you refine your focus and break through the BS that will hold you back from achieving your goals and dreams. These sessions will be recorded so you can come back to them AND they will be highly interactive. We’ll EXPECT that you come with questions and needs! These sessions are worth your time and effort and the people who get the greatest results show up to them LIVE, come with QUESTIONS, ask them, take on the feedback and get rapid progress by implementing it!

Your Coaches

Rebel Black

Rebel has always been ambitious, high achieving and has nurtured her innate ability to bring ideas to life. She’s been doing it since she was a kid, growing up on a farm, surrounded by high achieving parents and grandparents, always looking for ways to change the world! Her first foray into goal attainment was a successful fundraising campaign for the Save the Koala Foundation at age 8! Rebel grew her first multi award winning, 6 figure business, age 25 and after 5 years, decided to ‘give it away’ in a national campaign that saw her and her husband on national TV and every major newspaper and radio station, with almost 100 applications in 24 hours! Rebel has hosted national events, developed and delivered programs across Australia, partnered with some of Australia’s leading businesses and institutions, has been recognised internationally for her work with women in technology and was the President of a local not for profit organisation that implemented a successful million dollar + campaign to raise funds for a nationally significant building project. All of this she’s achieved whilst living on the edge of the opal fields in a remote community in western NSW! 

Rebel has trained, coached and mentored thousands of rural women in business and wellbeing, and is outwardly successful – but is the first to admit, she’s also no stranger to struggle – and has had her fair share of disappointment, distress and frustration! 

She spent almost 2 decades in deep physical and psychological distress, constantly in pain and wondering whether living was worth it. Twice she has found herself in the depths of depression, with suicidal thoughts and an inability to articulate what was happening or to ask for help until it was completely desperate. She’s had many turning point moments and has been to more than 100 healers/therapists on her journey to recovery. To say she is addicted to #thriving #healing #evolving is an understatement. 

She describes herself as a human, enterprise and community agronomist as she has an incredible ability to understand and pinpoint exactly what the issue is and then connect the person, enterprise or community to the perfect antidote.

Rebel holds qualifications in business, coaching, Forensic healing and adult education, she’s a fellow of the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation and a member of the AICD.

Rebel  says the key elements to achieving Big Goal Breakthroughs for Success are:

  • Cultivate belief in yourself or, if you can’t, surround yourself with people who will (until you can!)
  • Get curious about EVERYTHING
  • Raise your awareness – when you become aware, you have a choice
  • Trust that everything is working out perfectly in the time that’s right
  • Learn how to allow
  • Invest, time, energy and money in your own lifelong learning, it will be the best investment you EVER make!

Shayne Miller

Shayne describes her journey from Shit to Shine!!! At age 40, she found herself in a diabolical situation where she had lost her job, had no vehicle, few prospects, debt and zero savings. She resorted to Government benefits just to pay the rent! Things looked pretty bleak. BUT. She’s determined, so she engaged an ‘Inner Circle’, communicated daily for accountability, made to-do lists and executed them, asked for help and support publicly (brave!) through her social connections she started to generate leads on work. She relocated her life, started her own business, was engaged to deliver on two contracts and built a 6 figure business within 18 months!

She did the work, engaged a coach and she got the results!

During this time she also learned to love herself and, in doing the work on herself, was able to learn more about intimacy and become intimate with someone, she was aged 42 and says it was worth the wait as she now has a beautiful union with her husband.

Now Shayne chooses her adventures in life, trusting and following her intuition to allow her to be guided to the right opportunity for her. She’s got really good at saying NO to things and only saying YES to what feels right. 

Shayne is a Leadership Coach, Mentor and Trainer who has led and lived in rural and city environments. She thrives on observing the evolution of individuals and groups within our dynamic environment. She is a change agent and works with clients focusing on the need to heal and evolve as we manage the transitions at work and in life to truly thrive as leaders of ourselves, our groups, our teams, our organisations and our communities. Shayne wants high achievers to experience ‘lightbulb moments’ and personal breakthroughs to unleash their inner power and emerge as leaders within their community. Shayne has a Bachelor of Arts (Languages and Humanities), Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing and Management), Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and is currently completing a Master of Business Psychology.

Shayne says the key elements to achieving Big Goal Breakthroughs for Success are:

  • Trust – allowing that it all works out in good time
  • Letting go of control
  • Applying energy and faith in herself
  • Accepting that she could attract abundance
  • Actually Allowing the Abundance
  • Released the fear of having now money which allowed it to flow

Kelly Vanyai

“I had to learn to love myself before it was too late”. Kelly realised her life had to change when she found herself unconscious on the footpath outside her apartment after being strangled unconscious by the guy she was dating. After a lifetime of ignoring red flags in every relationship and putting her gut instinct aside, she woke up on that footpath as a different woman. As it dawned on her how lucky she was to still be alive, she realised that the only person she was hurting by not 100% loving herself, was HER. From that day she healed all aspects of trauma and abuse and she’s learned to love herself in ways that have allowed her to follow her dreams in life! 

Kelly’s biggest goal in life has been to find herself and in the process she has learned how to listen to deeper parts of her soul. Kelly practices what she preaches and she has been able to turn her life around which has impacted her communication, relationships, passions and purpose. 

Kelly has learned how to side step the normal problems people face, she’s been able to pull herself out of depression multiple times realising she was not ‘depressed’ but rather needed ‘deep rest’ to unplug from what was not serving her anymore. By letting go of the past or moving on from situations that had run their course, Kelly learned to embrace the changes required for her to reach her goal faster and easier.

Kelly’s life journey has taught her a thing or two, namely that you have the power to completely transform your life into the one you dream of, starting now. As a qualified Hypnotherapist, Master Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Time-Line Therapist, Kelly works directly with the programming of your neural pathways that operate in your unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind is responsible for roughly 95% of your choices and actions in life and so it makes sense that if you want a different experience or outcome in life, then you need to start by clearing the root cause of what is creating your current outcomes and reprogramming at that level to create the results you desire. 

Kelly is passionate about helping you expand your potential, align to your authentic self and connect to your true purpose in life. Dreaming big is one thing. Being able to achieve your biggest goals in life requires you to let go of what limits you first. Helping you release what holds you back and getting you into alignment so that you can achieve your goals more easily is exactly what Kelly helps you do. With a sense of fun and an uplifting energy, Kelly lives to help you transform into the life you dream of.

Kelly says the key elements to achieving Big Goal Breakthroughs for Success are:

  • Surrendering – letting go of things is an amazing experience. What is meant to be in your life will stay or come back to you in a way that is even better than before!
  • Stop micromanaging the world – open up the gates to experiences even beyond your comprehension. Our limited point of view of life and what is possible is just not conducive to being able to manifest with freedom of all that is available to you
  • Resourcefulness is not just about money and accumulation – there are resources we don’t know about ahead of time, waiting for us at the right place and time as we follow our true path!
  • Cultivate trust. Trust yourself, your inner guidance, the universe and that you DO deserve all the good things in life and that your dreams can and will come true

What Dreams Or Goals Can We Help You Breakthrough To Succeed?

ALL dreams and goals are valuable but some examples we can help you achieve include:

  • Breaking through income ceilings in career or business’
  • Activating the motivation to get fit, healthy and well
  • Quitting your job and launching your first successful business
  • Achieving your first 6 figure year or 6 figure month!
  • Deep intimacy and connection with your partner (whether you have one currently or not)
  • Buying that new car or dream home you’ve been desiring
  • Having time to spend with your family and friends and to do the things you love to do (instead of working all the time)
  • Healing from illness or fostering long term physical or mental wellbeing
  • Loving life regardless of what it throws at you
  • Satisfaction and ease in your workplace
  • Letting go of past emotional pain and feeling free for the first time
  • Ending unhealthy relationships and moving on with freedom
  • Learning to trust and follow your intuition every time
  • Better communication within important relationships in your life
  • Building your savings and starting to invest

What is YOUR Big Goal OR DREAM?

During your Group Coaching Sessions your Coaching team will help you:

  • Clarify your big goal and the vision you have for your life
  • Build your action plan to create the most efficient path to success
  • Upgrade your skills to ensure you succeed
  • Optimise your environment & build your team
  • Master your inner world & energy

Online Delivery methods

  • Pre-Recorded Videos + Worksheets + Actions to take
  • Course Material including worksheets/videos, audio recordings etc
  • Group Coaching online
  • 1:1 Coaching via phone or online (upgrade option available)
  • Peer to peer mentoring
  • Group discussion in a private forum
  • Meditation
  • Matrix & Action plans
  • Group healing
  • Hot seat

So What’s In It For You?

  • FOCUS on Your Dream
    How often do you give yourself permission to DREAM? To really, truly dig in to what is possible in your life, business and contribution? That’s what these 7 days will do for you, give you the time, space, tools and strategies to spend time dreaming and turning your dreams into a plan of action you can run with!
  • Connection
    It’s so important that you realise you are not alone! By connecting you together with other like-minded high achieving people from across the world, from different industries and sectors, but who are singularly focused on achieving their biggest dreams and goals,you can expand your peer group, cultivate an environment that supports you and contribute in unique and creative ways that feel amazing too. And of course, you will deepen and strengthen your connection to yourself and the people in your life that are most important to you.
  • Activation
    There are lots of people sitting around saying “if only I did xyz…”, having great ideas that never get heard or see the light of the day. Activation means – the action or process of making something active or operative…. This is what we need right now! We want to help you unearth those treasures in your life, put some thinking and action into them and then share them far and wide and yield the great wellbeing that comes from that experience.
  • Collaboration
    If we learn to work together, the better we’ll all succeed! And if we want to see it then we all need to lead it. It could be argued that this will be one of the most collaborative co-created Programs EVER… and you will be a pioneer in that movement!

What Next

  1. Complete the form below
  2. Choose your option and make payment
  3. Calendarise 12noon – 1pm Monday 15th – Sunday 21st November 2021
  4. Get a new gorgeous notepad
  5. Watch the next page and/or your inbox for the next steps and access to BOWABIRDS platform where the content/events will be hosted and where you’ll connect with other big goal breakthroughers!
  6. We’ll get started with the first session on Monday 7th December!

The Requirements

  1. A desire or a current commitment to achieving your Big Goal and Breaking through!
  2. A passion for lifelong learning
  3. A commitment to your own personal growth and development
  4. A willingness to commit to a minimum of one weekly online session for 9 months
  5. Internet access or a phone and access to a computer.
  6. Open mind and excited heart

Important Disclaimer:

This opportunity has the potential to change your life for the better! It is an amazing way for you to connect with a like-minded community as well as being able to improve your own skills and knowledge and achieve your dreams. BUT, it’s not a quick fix. We want you to DO something with what you learn and achieve! We’ll provide you with connection to experts, tools, systems and information and great people – but it’s up to you what you do with it – and there are no guarantees. We can’t promise you all the success you dream of..because people are people. What we do know is that the men and women who show up, do the work and implement – get results – 100% of the time! AND we can promise to deliver a fun, unique, interactive and dynamic experience that will yield some known outcomes and some fabulously left field ones we couldn’t ‘predict’ but are sure will be awesome! We’re asking you to give yourself the chance to learn, grow and expand yourself!

Applications Open

Applications open TODAY

Who should express interest?:

Men and women who are ready to achieve their dreams, do the work required to break through their barriers (with support) and who are excited to connect with other people who are doing the same!

Applications closes:

Friday 12th November 2021

The Investment:

Usually $999



Or Upgrade for 3 x 1 hour Coaching sessions (1:1) with either Kelly or Shayne
Usually $2999




  • $ 0.00