THE Big Goal Breakthrough System (BGBS)

Learn and apply the Top 5 strategies successful people use every day to
breakthrough the barriers and achieve Big Goals & Dreams

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If the last two years has taught us anything about life, it’s that there are many things we have very little control over and that everything can change in an instant, whether you are ‘ready for it’ or not! The only thing we can be certain of is the WAY in which we choose to live our life through our attitude, beliefs, purpose AND the dreams we have. These are the things we can have some sense of control over. In times of uncertainty and in an ever changing environment, it’s important that we learn and master the ability to be flexible and adaptable but also deeply grounded in our own dream – and action taking – for a great today and a brilliant tomorrow.

We know that this can be challenging and sometimes it feels like you are on your own – it’s easy to get thrown off course for what’s most important to you when big things happen in the real world – like global pandemics or natural disasters.

But here’s the truth – those things, the big stuff in the world, are not going away, one disaster will be replaced by another…, it’s how you manage yourself and lead others during those times that matters most.

And, those who wait, until the day when everything is ‘right’ to make their dreams happen, will be waiting forever and miss out on the grandest adventure of all.

If you feel you were destined to be more, do more, have more and give more, then you are in the right place. If you have big goals and big dreams and have been struggling to breakthrough those fears and doubts and barriers to truly claim it, then you are in the right place!

You don’t have to know everything or have a clear roadmap all laid out for you, you just have to know to take the next steps – and this could be your next step!

What is THE BGBS?

THE Big Goal Breakthrough System Online Workshop will be a sensational gathering of men and women from around the world who want to break through their BS to achieve their big goals!

Take INSPIRED action to break through the barriers that have been holding you back and claim the goals and dreams that are truly yours!

This ONLINE workshop is LIVE, interactive and will be jam packed FULL of amazing strategies and tools you can use immediately to breakthrough and take action!

You will walk away with the Top 5 Strategies successful people use every day to break through their perceived limits to achieve their big goals and dreams.

Whether that be in:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Business
  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Making time for what matters
  • Wisdom
  • Passion
  • Purpose

Our goal is that everyone leaves the event feeling energised, excited and motivated.

Invest just 90 minutes to set up for the next 90 days of success!

Online Event Details
Date: Friday 29th October 2021
Time: 12:00noon – 1:30pm NSW time
Device: You can join the event on your computer, tablet or mobile phone
Your Hosts: Rebel Black, Shayne Miller and Kelly Vanyai

The opportunities that have come out of the Bowabirds program as a result of looking at business and personal life have been insurmountable. The further I go along, the more encouraged I am to believe in myself again. How many things do you really want, that you’re not quite sure how to get? When you’ve got 3 coaches who are listening to you and you are listening to yourself, anything is possible. Invest the times, invest the money, and trust yourself…back yourself.

– Jodie

Are you excited to breakthrough your BS to fast-track your success?

Register your details and join us on a mission to help as many people as possible breakthrough their barriers to achieve their big goals and dreams!

What Will You Learn In This Workshop?

  • Clarify your big goal and the vision you have for your life
    Some people will be really clear on this already but even if you aren’t, by the end of this workshop you will have clarity on what your vision is and what some of your top goals are that you are going for
  • Build your action plan to create the most efficient path to success
    We’ll help you map a simple action plan that will give you FOCUS and strategy for taking aligned action every day to achieve your big goals and dreams
  • Upgrade your skills to ensure you succeed
    Get clear on what specific skills you need to upgrade and master in order to achieve your particular goal or dream
  • Optimise your environment & build your team
    Most people have at least 2 or 3 things that they can tweak/adjust/change completely in their environment to be 100% more likely to to achieve their dreams and we will help you discover what they are for you
  • Master your inner world & energy
    By helping you identify your BS bottlenecks we can help you clear some energy to allow you to claim, once and for all, your goals and dreams

Meet Your Workshop Presenters!

Learn from 3 successful women who are living their dream lives and are always seeking new edges and improvements! They have each overcome their own limiting beliefs to be healthy, wealthy and (they hope) wise.

Between them they’ve broken through to::

  • Creating multiple six figure businesses
  • Healing from disease and illness
  • Getting out of life-threatening relationships
  • Finding love
  • Letting go of struggle
  • Being confident and comfortable in their bodies
  • living and working on their own terms
  • picking and choosing what they ‘do’ and don’t do!
  • discover their own personal power and self worth for happier lives

Rebel Black

Big Vision

How to get crystal clear on your vision, legacy and goals so you set yourself up to live the dream!

Rebel is a self confessed high achiever – addicted to #healing and has helped tens of thousands of rural women around the world to #bloomwheretheyare. She simply loves seeing people live their dream!

Shayne Miller

Strategy & Skills

How to create the most efficient pathway to success + identify what skills you truly need to master!

Shayne loves strategy and seeing people break through their own ‘shit’ to get to ‘shine’. She’s worked with multi-million dollar budgets and can reverse engineer almost anything to profit!

Kelly Vanyai

Mastering Your  Environments

Discover the #1thing to master on the inside so you can cultivate the most optimal environment on the outside

Kelly is a pattern seeing genius who can help you crack the code on your own inner wisdom and magnetise yourself to achieve anything you want. She loves seeing people learn to trust themselves and flourish!

What Do I Do Next?

We are really looking forward to seeing you LIVE, so please make sure you have the following tasks completed so you can maximise your opportunity to participate in the Big Goal Breakthrough System Online Workshop!

  1. Register Now by completing the registration form on this page
  2. Then make sure:
    • You have marked the time and date in your diary (non-negotiable time!)
    • You have a quiet private space on the day
    • You have your laptop, phone or tablet ready and charged
    • You have a webcam (YES, we want to SEE you please!)
    • Headphones are a great idea
    • You have your notepad and a pen handy
    • And write down your VISION, GOALS and DREAMS on a page and have it ready!

What Can I Expect From The Online Event?

Register Now So You Can:

BE Inspired

There is NOTHING like being in the room full of amazing people ready for change, who are committed to their growth and to claiming their BIG GOALS! Just by showing up you will BE Inspired and THE CONTENT will put a fire in your belly, making you want to get out there and take Inspired ACTION!!


In this session we’ll be providing you with real strategies you will practice LIVE in the room so you can implement them in your life to achieve your goals and dreams!

FEEL Connected

It can feel isolating at times to want big goals and dreams – especially if you’ve tried and failed (maybe more than once). If your friends, family or colleagues don’t get it, you need people on your side to turn to when things get tough or when you are trying to figure out how. This program gives you a community and experts to turn to, who will keep you inspired and motivated.Priceless!.

Success Leaves Clues

We’ve been studying success and looking at what the common patterns of successful people are and we thought we’d share some of what we’ve found and what we’ll share in this Online Workshop.

Successful people:

  • Are more likely to take fast ACTION as their first response
  • Look for evidence of success to help build their case
  • Refuse to Quit on themselves – they back themselves 100%, 100% of the time
  • Are students of mastery and see learning as a non-negotiable

If you tick these boxes – then you are ALREADY on track to achieve your big dreams and goals and we look forward to seeing you LIVE!

Online Event Details

Date: Friday 29th October 2021
Time: 12:00noon – 1:30pm NSW time
Device: You can join the event on your computer, tablet or mobile phone
Your Hosts: Rebel Black, Shayne Miller and Kelly Vanyai

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