BGB School 2021

When you discover life’s true potential, life goes from hard to graceful, from forced to flow, from lack to abundance. 

Are you ready for YOUR BIG BREAKTHROUGH?

If you could learn to implement a powerful Breakthrough System that you could use over and over again to claim alignment, achieve your goals and live your dreams every single time, would that help you?

Imagine planting seeds in a garden and doing the foundation work to allow it to thrive so that they keep flourishing on their own, self seeding more and more abundance!

Wouldn’t you want that? 

We did. And that’s how we developed our system of flow, by harnessing the creative forces of the universe that are being informed from one central place…YOU! 

In each of us there is a creative force, informing the world around us, showing it how to be.

When you discover it’s true potential, life goes from hard to graceful, from forced to flow, from lack to abundance. 

By tapping into the natural laws of the universe, you can achieve even more success with less effort. 

The difference is in where you do the foundation work. 

You can spend your whole life working in the wrong place and not get half the results that putting less work into the right place will get you. 

If success is inevitable, which we believe it is, are you ready NOW to clarify your goals, upgrade your skills, optimise your environment and master your mindset so you can implement a plan that excites and delights you?!

Are you willing to get brave enough to break through the BS Belief Systems that have been holding you back? READ ON!

We’ve been lied to.

We’ve been told that it takes just determination and constant hard work alone. 

What no one has been telling you is that there is another way.

The participants in the last Big Goal Breakthrough School put their trust and faith in our Tri-circular approach to transforming your life from the inside out. 

To them, some of their results seemed impossible before they experienced them. And they say,

“If it hadn’t happened to me, I wouldn’t have believed it was possible!”

Case Study 1

Case study icon

Real life examples from previous participants in the BGB School

How do you go… 

being a stressed out, overworked, exhausted, adrenally fatigued, unwell Mum having worked in a demoralising system for decades, finding yourself at the end of a marriage that’s failed, with a little girl who needs your love and support when you are struggling to find that even for yourself with the stress of the trauma looming over you,

loving life and being  a happy, aligned person with boundless energy and excitement for life,  14kg lighter without even trying, able to sell multiple properties off the market for higher than market rates very easily and quickly with no experience, having a whole crew of people magically appear to help you move when you didn’t even know the help was on offer, and even attracting a brand new career opportunity without even looking but being approached, and then buying and moving to the perfect new house for a great price in a great new location with an exciting new life and a fresh start and then on top getting your separation and divorce finalised quickly and easily to close the old chapter and completely embrace the new one?!

Case Study 2

Case study icon

Real life examples from previous participants in the BGB School

How do you go… 

being a woman living in a really remote location who’s taken over a business that needs a lot of help to thrive after going from being an employee to stepping into the role of employer, overwhelmed and snowed under with no systems and having to do it all yourself and spending your very last dollar to invest in a program you aren’t sure is going to work for you

having beautiful systems and attracting the ideal staff who just walked in to offer their services in a rural town where you didn’t even know people with that skill set would exist to finding that you are in the perfect location and now have systems built and mapped so that you can work from home when it suits you or in the office when it suits you

To having your husband starting to appreciate and respect your work so much that he starts cooking you dinner first time ever in all the decades you’ve been married, so that you come home to a nice meal rather than having to leave work only to start work all over again once you get home to the farm

To saving the same amount of money it had taken 15 years previously to save in only 9 months

And going from stressed out, unclear how to be a leader and reluctant to be a boss, to being an outstanding leader with a growing business looking to put in a second location.


This approach affects everything in your life. 

We are calling in the people who are ready for a total shift of awareness, a complete 180 in the way they approach life.

If what you’ve been doing was working you simply wouldn’t still be searching for another way. We’ve tried and tested this system in our own lives and the lives of our clients, so we know it works.

We only work with people who are fully ready to jump into a new level of success, happiness and are committed to making long lasting changes that will create beneficial results in ALL areas of your life, not just one at a time. 

Normally you would have to focus on working out to lose weight separate to generating income for your business or healing from emotional wounds. 

But what if we told you that the better, faster and more effective way was to get to the source of all these things, do the work there and then watch the results branch out into all areas of your life? 

What if rather than doing the work in all the areas of your life separately, forcing and struggling to stay on top of your results, you could just focus your attention and do the work in one area so that you see results in all aspects of your life? 

If this isn’t enough to interest you then we are not the right fit, and that’s ok. 

Not everyone is ready for such a groundbreaking system. 

Not everyone is ready to give up the old way of “you gotta work hard to make it in life” belief. 

BUT, if you are, then this is for  you:

  • Our comprehensive 9 Month BIG Goal Breakthrough School

What Dreams Or Goals Can We Help You Breakthrough To Succeed?

ALL dreams and goals are valuable but some examples we can help you achieve include:

  • Breaking through income ceilings in career or business’
  • Getting fit, healthy and well once and for all
  • Quitting your job and launching your first successful business
  • Achieving your first 6 figure year or 6 figure month!
  • Deep intimacy and connection with your partner (whether you have one currently or not)
  • Buying that new car or dream home you’ve been desiring
  • Having time to spend with your family and friends and to do the things you love to do (instead of working all the time)
  • Loving life regardless of what it throws at you
  • Satisfaction and ease in your workplace
  • Letting go of past pain and feeling free for the first time
  • Ending unhealthy relationships and moving on in freedom
  • Learning to trust and follow your intuition every time
  • Better communication within important relationships in your life
  • Building your savings and starting to invest

Commences Monday 6th December 2021

We only have places for 10 people in this program, so we can offer AMAZING support to every single person so do not delay!



Inner Work (Clarity)

  • Cultivating Presence With Your Dreams
  • The Role of Vulnerability & Intuition In Life-Long Success
  • The Neuroscience of Growth & Breaking Through Barriers


Big Goal Blueprint (Confidence)

  • Your Big Vision & Anchoring It
  • Planning From Your Future Self and Simplifying The Steps.
  • Taking Aligned Action 


Skills & Leadership (Connection)

  • Auditing & Identifying Skills and Leadership Gaps and Getting What You Need
  • The Art Of High Powered Decision Making
  • Mastering The Sales Process

How we connect

  1. Monthly FAST TRACK Masterclasses
  2. Weekly Strategy or Breakthrough Sessions
  3. PLUS Monthly 1:1 Coaching Sessions

All sessions are live and online via Zoom.


Sometimes we can only dream as big as we believe is possible, and that’s a great place to start, but we are here to tell you that you are so much more than you know or believe yourself to be, and if you would love to find out what that bigger version of your life could look like, we invite you to take the first step. 

A phone call with one of our coaches can help you clarify what has been holding you back from reaching that elusive place you are seeking.

Your Coaches

Rebel Black

How to get crystal clear on your vision, legacy and goals so you set yourself up to live the dream!

Rebel is a self confessed high achiever – addicted to #healing and has helped tens of thousands of rural women around the world to #bloomwheretheyare. She simply loves seeing people live their dream!

Rebel  says the key elements to achieving Big Goal Breakthroughs for Success are:

  • Cultivate belief in yourself or, if you can’t, surround yourself with people who will (until you can!)
  • Get curious about EVERYTHING
  • Raise your awareness – when you become aware, you have a choice
  • Trust that everything is working out perfectly in the time that’s right
  • Learn how to allow
  • Invest time, energy and money in your own lifelong learning, it will be the best investment you EVER make!

Shayne Miller

How to create the most efficient pathway to success + identify what skills you truly need to master!

Shayne loves strategy and seeing people break through their own ‘shit’ to get to ‘shine’. She’s worked with multi-million dollar budgets and can reverse engineer almost anything to profit!

Shayne says the key elements to achieving Big Goal Breakthroughs for Success are:

  • Trust – allowing that it all works out in good time
  • Letting go of control
  • Applying energy and faith in herself
  • Accepting that she could attract abundance
  • Actually Allowing the Abundance
  • Released the fear of having now money which allowed it to flow

Kelly Vanyai

Discover the #1thing to master on the inside so you can cultivate the most optimal environment on the outside

Kelly is a pattern seeing genius who can help you crack the code on your own inner wisdom and magnetise yourself to achieve anything you want. She loves seeing people learn to trust themselves and flourish!

Kelly says the key elements to achieving Big Goal Breakthroughs for Success are:

  • Surrendering – letting go of things is an amazing experience. What is meant to be in your life will stay or come back to you in a way that is even better than before!
  • Stop micromanaging the world – open up the gates to experiences even beyond your comprehension. Our limited point of view of life and what is possible is just not conducive to being able to manifest with freedom of all that is available to you
  • Resourcefulness is not just about money and accumulation – there are resources we don’t know about ahead of time, waiting for us at the right place and time as we follow our true path!
  • Cultivate trust. Trust yourself, your inner guidance, the universe and that you DO deserve all the good things in life and that your dreams can and will come true

What is YOUR Big Goal OR DREAM?

So What’s In It For You?

  • Live Your Dream
    There is nothing more heartbreaking than unrealised potential and we know, that you know, that you were born for more. Whether you are wanting to be the healthiest, wealthiest, happiest, most integral, contributive version of yourself, you deserve everything you dream and more. You are limitless and you are in the right place to realise and embody that!
  • Deep Connection
    It’s so important that you realise you are not alone! By connecting you together with other like-minded high achieving people from across the world, from different industries and sectors, but who are singularly focused on achieving their biggest dreams and goals,you can expand your peer group, cultivate an environment that supports you and contribute in unique and creative ways that feel amazing too. And of course, you will deepen and strengthen your connection to yourself and the people in your life that are most important to you.
  • Activation
    There are lots of people sitting around saying ‘if only they did xyz…’, having great ideas that never get heard or see the light of the day. Activation means – the action or process of making something active or operative…. This is what we need right now! We want to help you unearth those treasures in your life, put some thinking and action into them and then share them far and wide and yield the great wellbeing that comes from that experience.
  • Collaboration
    If we learn to work together, the better we’ll all succeed! And if we want to see it then we all need to lead it. It could be argued that this will be one of the most collaborative co-created Programs EVER… and you will be a pioneer in that movement!
  • A Better Way
    Not everyone is ready to give up the old way of “you gotta work hard to make it in life” belief. But if you feel in your bones that there is another better, easier and more aligned way that just feels good to do, one that also increases how good you feel about yourself in the process, one that improves how you relate to your friends, family and colleagues, one that naturally aligns you with your purpose and generates even better outcomes than you anticipated, then click the link to apply for your place.

What Next

  1. You Express Interest
  2. We will reach out to make a time to connect on the phone to find out your goals and see how we can help.
  3. We only have places for 10 people to participate in the program December 2021 – August 2022.
  4. If you’re a YES, we’ll invite you to register and pay!
  5. We’ll get started with the first session on Monday 6th December 2021

The Requirements

  1. A desire or a current commitment to achieving your Big Goal and Breaking through!
  2. A passion for lifelong learning
  3. A commitment to your own personal growth and development
  4. A willingness to commit to a minimum of one weekly online session for 9 months
  5. Internet access or a phone and access to a computer.
  6. Open mind and excited heart

Important Disclaimer:

This opportunity has the potential to change your life for the better! It is an amazing way for you to connect with a like-minded community as well as being able to improve your own skills and knowledge and achieve your dreams. BUT, it’s not a quick fix. We want you to DO something with what you learn and achieve! We’ll provide you with connections to experts, tools, systems and information and great people – but it’s up to you what you do with it – and there are no guarantees. We can’t promise you all the success you dream of..because people are people. What we do know is that the men and women who show up, do the work and implement – get results – 100% of the time! AND we can promise to deliver a fun, unique, interactive and dynamic experience that will yield some known outcomes and some fabulously left field ones we couldn’t ‘predict’ but are sure will be awesome! We’re asking you to give yourself the chance to learn, grow and expand yourself!


Expression of Interest open TODAY

Who should express interest?:

Men and women who are ready to achieve their dreams, do the work required to break through their barriers (with support) and who are excited to connect with other people who are doing the same!

EOI closes:

29th November 2021

The Investment:

  • $1800/month (12 months) or,
  • $2000/month (9 months) or,
  • $15,000 upfront (saving 20%+)